Manuel Šavron was born in 1991 in Koper, Slovenia.

At the age of ten he starts with the piano accordion as a self taught beginner. The following year he undertakes the study of diatonic accordion with the teacher A. Gropajc. In September 2008 he continues his study with Prof. Z. Lupinc and in 2010 he accomplishes the lower program of diatonic accordion in Slovenia with excellent grades.

In 2014 he accomplishes the bachelor's degree diploma in classical saxophone at the Music Conservatory "G. Tartini" in Trieste and in 2016 the pedagogical diploma and the performing master's degree for diatonic/styrian accordion at the "F. Schubert Konservatorium" in Vienna with outstanding, excellent grades.

In 2009 he is the first musician to have a solo concert on diatonic accordion in Gravisi Barbabianca Palace in Koper's Music School. As a soloist he appears in various theatres and concert halls as: Cankarjev Dom - Ljubljana, Koper – Capodistria theatre, Giuseppe Tartini theatre in Piran, "Teatro Comunale Luigi Garzoni" in Tricesimo, in Sala Teatro »L'Alpina« in Comeglians, at the Museum in Aquileia, at Teatro Popolare Istriano Aquileia, at Teatro Popolare Istriano di Pola and in various Italian national communities in Slovenia and Croatia.

As a soloist he is several times invited to the Accordion Festival of Castelfidardo. As a guest he takes part in numerous radio and TV transmissions as: Radio Eurostar, Radio and TV Koper – Capodistria, RAI - Radio TS A, Radio Ptuj, Radio Prlek, Radio Murski Val, TV Sponka, Telequattro, »Lo scrigno« di Friuli and at the festival Alpe Adria Folk Fest at Portole. He also participates in the transmission »Hrvatska v živo« (Croatia Live) on HRT. 

In november 2012 he recorded his first album as a soloist "Between worlds - a diatonic gateway".

Since 2006 he has been collaborating intensively with the violinist Rok Kleva Ivančić and participating together (Diatonic strings Duo) at concerts and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria.
In May 2015 they published their first album: "RAGBAG".
As guests they participated at several musiv festivals as:
FOLKEST, PIF Castelfidardo, Godibodi, JEFF, Festival della canzone dell'Istroveneto, Vocinostre,
and many others.

There are numerous collaborations with other musicians and musical groups, including a vast range of music, from classical to popular, from tango to rock, folk, jazz, ethno, world etc.

Numerous are also his transcriptions, adaptations and musical arrangements for diatonic accordion.

He was a teacher of diatonic/styrian accordion in the Italian community of Momiano (HR) and in the music school Glasbena Matica of San Pietro al Natisone (I).
He currently resides in Austria and works as a music teacher at LIMEX in Grafenschachen (Burgenland).
Since 2017 he is working closely with the Austrian publishing house "Knöpferl-Musikverlag für Steirische Harmonika", where he transcribes and manages compositions for diatonic accordion.
He is a jury member at various competitions for diatonic accordion and lecturer at several diatonic accordion masterclasses in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Italy. His students are winners of several world championships and various international competitions for diatonic accordion.

Šavron adopts a very personal and innovative method in the teaching of the diatonic accordion both in the approach and especially in the repertoire.
This can be also seen in his last solo project: "Diatonic/Styrian Accordion New Generation Project".


  • Year 2016
    • 1. Place in the "12. World Music Festival" in Innsbruck - cat. Solo Steirische Harm onika - Erwachsene
    • 1. Place in the "12. World Music Festival" in Innsbruck - cat. "Weltmusik" (in duo with R. Kleva Ivančić - Diatonic strings Duo)
  • Year 2014
    • 2. Place at the International accordion competition "PIF Castelfidardo" - cat. World Music
      (duo - together with the violinist Rok Kleva Ivančić)
    • Silver recognition at the International competition "Svirél" and special price for the innovative approach to playing the diatonic accordion.
  • Year 2013
    • Gold recognition at the international competition “The World of Accordion” – Castelfidardo
    • Gold recognition at the Slovenian National Championship on playing diatonic accordion (Ravne na Koroškem).
    • 1st  price an absolute winner (cat. D and E, diatonic accordion) at the competition in Bletinci.
  • Year 2011
    • 1st price winner at the International Accordion Competition »Trio Pakai«- cat. Variete’
    • 1st price and the first absolute classification at the International Accordion competition »Trio Pakai« cat. Folk (duo – together with the violinist Rok Kleva Ivančić)
  • Year 2010
    • 1st Award at the Art and Culture Competition »Istria Nobilissima« - Luigi Dallapiccola Award – cat. instrumental performance
  • Year 2009
    • EUROPEAN ABSOLUTE CHAMPION on diatonic accordion at Attimis (100 from 100 points)
    • Gold recognition at the world championship of diatonic accordion and “organetto” in Salisano
    • 1st Award at Art and Culture Competition »Istria Nobilissima« - Adelia Biasol – cat. instrumental performance
    • 1st absolute classification at the competition »Diaton 2009 of Jamiano«
    • 1st Award at the Competition in Moravske Toplice
    • 1st place at the Competition of Babna Gora 
    • Gold recognition at the Competition » Vesel sem Mirnčan«
  • Year 2008
    • 1st price at the competition »Žgečkljiva harmonika«
    • 1st absolute classification at the competition »Diaton 2008 Jamiano«
    • 1st absolute classification at the competition in Dolenjske Toplice
    • Gold recognition at the competition »Avgust Hribar« in Dolič
    • 1st classified at the competition in Škocjan na Dolenjskem
    • 1st price at the competition Moravske Toplice
  • Year 2007
    • 1st price at XL Competition of Art and Culture »Istria Nobilissima« - Adelia Biasol award, instrumental performance
    • 1st place at the competition »Zgornja Savinjska Dolina«
    • Absolute winner at the competition »Naj harmonikar 2007« (Kamniška Bistrica)
    • Absolute winner at the competition »Avgust Hribar« (Dolič)
    • Absolute winner at the competition »Krompirjeva noč (Postojna)
    • Gold recognition (97 points) at the world championship on playing diatonic accordion and “organetto” 2007 in Rumo
    • 1st place at the international competition on Velika Planina
    • 1st price for the best virtuoso at the competition »Alpe Adria« in Spilimbergo
    • 2nd place at the international competition in Škocjan na Dolenjskem
    • Absolute winner at the competition »Martinov godec«
    • 1st place at the Istrian competition »Glas Istre« in Koper

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